Using templates to aid the creation of an informative blog post


Using templates to help you write informative blog posts are very useful. The whole point of blogging is to help you reach out to your targeted audience and inform them of tips, tactics, day to day activists etc so why is it that people don’t like to write them? Because from research it seems a blog can help a company’s SEO, your marketing will rise, adding blogs onto your social media platforms encourages your audience to become interactive with your page – it’s only going to increase flow through. The problem is most people find it difficult to write an informative blog post, that speaks to their target audience mainly because they’re just not sure how to write one. So here we are going to look at some things to bear in mind and why a template will work in your favor.

There are 5 different types of blog posts:

  • The How-To blog
  • The List-Based blog
  • The Curated Collection Post
  • The SlideShare Presentation Post
  • The NewsJackingPost

For your business the easiest one to considering writing and finding a template for would be the How-To, due to the fact the whole point is to inform your audience how to complete or do something in which you’re supposed to be an expert. Meaning you should be able to reel off information and write your points down quick and easy from the top of your head needing little to no research.

Content and Research is Key

  • Keywords are important. If you want your blog to be found from a search engine as well as from your social media take time to research what appropriate key words you will need to implement.
  • Research for a template that is based on one of the 5 types of blog posts that has been mentioned previously. You do not want to use a template for the wrong type of blog post. It will be like trying to write poetry in the form of a list. Or, writing an important letter in the form of a nursery rhyme. It just won’t make any sense to your readers.
  • Research your target audience and take advantage of this. Cater to their every need when you’re writing so that they remain engaged and interested.

Why use a template?

As previously mentioned if you don’t have time, you are unsure or you mainly just need help to write a blog post a template is the best way forward. It will provide you will the correct structure and correct type of wording to use based on what type of blog post it is you are wanting to write. Templates do not count as cheating, at the end of the day you are just using an already tried and tested structure but just filling in the blanks with your own information.

Writing a blog post does not have to be hard, use a template, keep your SEO up, keep people interested and interacting with your social media and your posts.