Know the Plus Features of Rowing Machine Placed in Health Clubs


To keep fit and build body muscles millions of individuals visit health clubs and gym. They utilize varied equipments specially designed for doing strenuous exercises. Rowing machine is one such equipment aiding in working out the whole body of its users.

Though the machine isn’t popular as exercise bike or elliptical, fitness seekers are slowly recognizing its importance. You can feel the moving of your arms, back and legs at same time, hence it proves to be best help to enhance your cardio health and regaining your strength.

Mentioning few popular rowing machines used in health club:

  • Water resistance rowing machines: It has an enclosed tank of water with paddles suspended inside it. When its user pulls the handle bar the paddles spin in such a way that the water produces the needed resistance, more the pulling, the resistance will increase enhancing the rigidity of the muscles.

  • Piston resistance rowing machines: This is one of the commonly used kinds of rowing machine mostly used in gym rooms. The pistons are used to provide resistance which aids in strengthening of arms of the user. Compare to other kind of rowing machines this machine is preferred for its compactness, can be folded to store it easily and available in affordable price.
  • Air rowing equipment: The resistance power is acquired by a spinning flywheel.

Each of the kind has unique features inclusively best for strengthening the muscles and enhancing stamina of its user. Each kind of rowing machine varies in its special features, size, design and price. The popular ones are opted for its efficiency in varying resistance power and affordability.

The best advantage feature of this cardiovascular functions enhancing machine is that it has low impact on your lower body and you won’t feel easily tires as you need to sit down while doing the exercises. Thus, best for individuals who suffer from joint pains, weak knees and have recently undergone surgery. as it is best for doing aerobic and anaerobic exercises mostly preferred by women fitness seekers too. If you are novice in the arena of cardio workouts, then best to try first the rowing machines.

To know more about the goodness of rowing machines try to read Best Waterrower natural rowing-machine review posted by the users of the equipment and health fitness experts. To enhance your heart functions and to keep smooth flowing of your blood to maintain your general health, best to use rowing devices in health clubs.