How Do You Rise Up To The Standard Of Beauty Set Forth Today?


As media imposes higher and higher standards of beauty, the normal day to day life becomes unbearable for every woman in the world. From hair, makeup, nails to clothing everything must look impeccable. Nevertheless, fashion itself is hard to keep up with. Fortunately there are people concerned about this and try to come up with easy solutions. Here are some tips on how to rise to the standard of beauty:

  • Style

Maybe you don’t afford that new Chanel dress or those new Jimmy Choos, but don’t despair. There are a lot of other clothing brands and stores less expensive that are designed to the latest trends set by the international designers. Also, try to create your own style, as fashion becomes outdated, but your personal style cannot get out of fashion. Have fun mixing your personality with the type of clothes you need in your everyday life. For example, if you work in an office where a business dressing code is applied you can either adopt a manly style with oxford shoes if you like being comfortable or, you could get a pencil skirt and high stilettos mixed with a traditional shirt.

  • Make up

Even though cosmetics were invented to make skin look better and help hide the little imperfections, due to daily use it started to be the problem. Now, on the market there are a lot of organic, natural and even vegan cosmetics. Supposed to be an alternative to the cosmetics that harm your skin, organic cosmetics don’t rise to the expectations as the quality of the product is low and doesn’t last long. But, for those that really want to get rid of all the toxic products, don’t hesitate and try these on.

  • Surgery

Used as the last resort, or not so much, surgery has gain popularity over the years. Still having people against it, plastic surgery has its benefits. Now it is improved being less invasive, using methods like Smartlipo to not only give you the desired body shaped, but also help prevent medical problems.