All you need to know about testosterone

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Before using any potent drug, you must know everything about it to get the desired result with it and avoid the unnecessary negative effects. Testosterone is one such drug which is used by many people to deal with a variety of things but very cautiously. Apart from increasing the level of a hormone named testosterone, it is also used by bodybuilders to increase lean muscle mass and by athlete to enhance their performance. Actually, Testosterone has countless benefits and it has become a source for moving ahead of their competitors. If you want to know the derivatives of Testosterone and how it functions in our body then you must read further.

How Testosterone functions in the body?

Endocrine gland produce lot of hormone in the body and Testosterone is one of them. It is mostly produced in male Testis and is also synthesis in women ovaries in a small amount. Testosterone is also produced by adrenal glands both in male and female in a very small amount. The level of Testosterone to be present in the bloodstream is controlled by the pituitary gland. Pituitary gland plays a very important role by controlling the function, production and synthesis of testosterone in the body. It is considered to the best source of androgen in males and contributes towards facial hair, sex drive and deeper voice and also controls the erection in the body. It is manufactured in the Leydig cells where adult cells can produce required Testosterone by itself. There are lots more to know about derivatives of testosterone because it is not as easy as it looks. It should be noted that the bodybuilders and athletes who uses injectables or exogenous Testosterone for boosting its level, in spite of the fact that their body is capable of manufacturing Testosterone on its own can lead to disruption of its level.  The pituitary gland sends the message to various glands that whether to secrete certain amount of hormones in the body or not. The hypothalamus informs the Pituitary gland and they both act as the master mind for the whole testosterone present in the body.  Apart from controlling the level of testosterone, it controls the other growth hormone and hormones controlling the reproductive functions.

Uses and side effects of testosterone

The level of Testosterone increase with age and as we reach 40 the body has the highest level of it. After that, the level tends to decline. Men with low Testosterone can face reduce sex drive, Infertility, Erectile dysfunction, decrease sperm count and increase body fat. Many professional and amateur Bodybuilders and athletes have stick to Testosterone Steroids for improving their overall physique and promoting their physical and athletic performance. Testosterone can also affect the fluid capacity, the glucose and the potassium level in the body.  High dosage of testosterone can lead to variety of problems like unexpected growth of jawbone and swelling of joints and harsh facial textures. Coarse body hair, enlarged sweats glands, excessive perspiration and bad body odour are the other common issues which come with the drug.