A general guide about Dianabol and D-bal: it’s alternative


Methandrostenolone was developed in the year 1957 and is prepared in a laboratory to mimic the features of testosterone. It is the chemical name of the steroid Dianabol given by a Swiss chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry. It is widely used by many body builders and athletes in body building, increasing muscle and strength. It also called as “The breakfast of Champions” as it is widely preferred by many body builders due to its strong anabolic properties. Though Methandrostenolone has strong anabolic properties, Dianabol is considered to be a mild steroid.

Why is Dianabol preferred? How does it work?

Dianabol works in 3 ways in your body.

1.Dianabol breaks the carbohydrates present in your diet into simple forms of energy and this will be very useful while workout. This process is called Glycogenolysis.

  1. Rretaining nitrogen is important to have harder muscles. And Dianabol helps to retain nitrogen found in amino acids which are the major source for protein to build muscles. Retained nitrogen helps in retaining more protein which helps in building muscles and strength. Fat is also cut to build lean and harder muscles. You can also see an increase in your stamina.
  2. Dianabol works on improving protein synthesis which is the key to building stronger muscles. The increase in strength will help you in heavy weight lifting and you gain good muscle mass too.

Dianabol helps in absorbing the consumed food throughout the day which is not the case with other steroids.


As Dianabol is very effective, even a small amount of 15mg per day will yield you good results when combined with a diet rich in carbohydrates/proteins and an increase in the weight lifting exercises. Some people may take 20-25mg per day. It depends on how your body tolerates.

D-bol works well when you kick start a new off-season and also effective at stand still point of other steroids.

Alternative to Dianabol:

Body builders prefer alternatives to steroids due to the side effects caused by the steroid. In general these alternatives are just as powerful and effective as the steroid but come with lesser or no side effects. They do help in increasing your body’s ability to build muscle, lose fat and get a ripped physique.Many alternatives also help in boosting the natural production of hormones like human growth hormone.

D-bal is the alternative to Dianabol. It is the medications equivalent to Dianabol and works in the same way.D-bal is natural and legal steroid to be taken. The reason why people opt for D-bal is due to the dosing(as it’s half-life is short) and side effects (damage to liver) related to Dianabol. Apart from this, one can also see side effects like aggression,acne, male pattern baldness, high blood pressure which can lead toheart attacks,Gynecomastia(enlarged breast tissues in men) and water retention (causing muscle loss once Dianabol is stopped).

D-bal works in the same way like Dianabol with an additional feature of using the amino acids to workout and preserves muscle when you are on diet.